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    Aug 3, 2022

    Merchant Cash Advance vs. Loan: What's the Difference?

    Predatory MCA lenders want creditors to think that their MCAs are just as trustworthy as a bank...

    Mar 21, 2022

    Piercing the Corporate Veil: How Business Debts & Liabilities Can Become Your Personal Problem

    If your business is dealing with aggressive debt collectors, is at risk of bankruptcy, or is...

    Mar 15, 2022

    Can I Get a Business Loan with No Credit Check?

    Many of our clients come to us asking if they can get a business loan with no credit check. The...

    Feb 28, 2022

    What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

    There's a lot of swirling information out there about merchant cash advances. Some resources say...

    Jan 26, 2022

    What Happens if You Default on a Merchant Cash Advance?

    Merchant cash advances are an all-too-common debt trap for businesses. Unfortunately, most...

    Dec 29, 2021

    Am I Personally Liable for Business Debt?

    If you own a business that's struggling with mounting debt, you may be wondering if, or how,...

    Dec 22, 2021

    How to Get Out of Business Debt in 5 Not-So-Easy Steps

    Business debt can be terrifying, but isn't uncommon. If your business is in debt, and you're not...

    Nov 15, 2021

    What is a Reverse Consolidation?

    If your business is struggling to keep up with multiple merchant cash advance payments, you may be...

    Nov 2, 2021

    Unsecured vs. Secured Debt: The Basic Breakdown

    When your business needs to borrow money, you have two basic types of debt options  — unsecured and...

    Sep 14, 2021

    How Can I Get Out of a Merchant Cash Advance?

    Merchant cash advances (MCAs) are a financing option that many small businesses choose. Because...

    Sep 7, 2021

    What Do I Do if My Bank Account is Frozen?

    There's no feeling worse than going to make a simple payment, only to find that your card has been...

    Nov 22, 2019

    Bills that Protect Small Businesses Going to House for Consideration

    The House Committee on Financial Services passed two important bills on November 14, 2019, which,...

    Sep 11, 2019

    Merchant Cash Advance Borrowers get Relief with COJ Bill Passage

    For unsuspecting (and often desperate) small business owners who took out Merchant Cash Advances as...

    Jan 18, 2019

    Beware of the Merchant Cash Advance Debt Trap!

    Small businesses, like all businesses, need cash to operate. But for many small businesses, gaining...

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