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    Sep 19, 2023

    5 Myths About Insurance Claim Disputes & The Attorneys That Dispute Them – Debunked

    Navigating insurance claim disputes and dealing with insurance companies can be challenging, and...

    Aug 16, 2023

    Public Adjuster vs. Attorney: Who Should You Hire?

    When navigating insurance claims, many policyholders need help deciding whether to hire a public...

    May 28, 2023

    Your Guide To Understanding the Roof Insurance Claim Process

    A damaged roof can be a homeowner's nightmare. Whether from a severe storm, falling debris, or just...

    Apr 5, 2023

    What to Do If Insurance Denies Your Roof Claim?

    Roof insurance claims are denied far too often, leaving homeowners to worry about how they’ll cover...

    Mar 28, 2023

    How Long Does a Commercial Insurance Claim Take? What You Need To Know

    Experiencing damage to your property can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially if...

    Mar 14, 2023

    Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Pipes That Burst? Here’s the Answer

    You have homeowners insurance, pay your premiums on time, and maintain a good relationship with...

    Feb 17, 2023

    Your Guide to Tornado Insurance Claims in Texas: How to File & Ensure Fair Payout

    Texas is one of the most — if not THE most — tornado-prone states. While the exact number of...

    Jan 18, 2023

    How to Properly File a Fire Insurance Claim After a Fire

    When your home or business is damaged by fire, sometimes the only thing that remains is ash....

    Dec 15, 2022

    How Long Can a Texas Home Insurance Claim Stay Open?

    With every claim they review, insurance companies have various legal, financial, and logistical...

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