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    Aug 23, 2022

    Homeowners: What Does it Mean to be Underinsured?

    A home is perhaps the single largest investment in a person’s life. When someone takes out a...

    Aug 17, 2022

    Umbrella Insurance: What it is, and Why You Need It

    Don't get caught without umbrella insurance! Umbrella insurance works just like an umbrella to...

    Aug 2, 2022

    Understanding CLUE Reports

    If you're planning to switch insurance providers, or if you're in the market for a new insurance...

    Jun 28, 2022

    4 Common Commercial Insurance Disputes

    The final signature is written, keys are placed in your hand, and you are now a proud owner of a...

    Jun 21, 2022

    Can A Roofer Pay My Deductible in Texas? Understanding HB2102 Deductibles Law

    If your home has been hit by a hail or windstorm, you're likely looking to your insurance policy to...

    Jun 8, 2022

    Insurance Policy Conundrum: Open Peril vs. Named Peril Coverage

    Sadly, during our time defending property owners, we’ve met numerous homeowners who after having...

    May 11, 2022

    3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Public Adjuster or Attorney

    Start with these three important questions to ask before hiring either a public adjuster or...

    Apr 5, 2022

    3 Reasons Invoking an Appraisal Clause is a Bad Idea

    If you're dealing with an insurance company that won't pay your insurance claim or is refusing to...

    Mar 8, 2022

    5 Tips to Successfully Deal with an Insurance Adjuster on Hail Damage

    So you’ve experienced some extreme weather, and your roof has been severely impacted by hail...

    5 Myths About Insurance Claim Disputes and Attorneys

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