Business Bankruptcy Client Victories

All too often, bankruptcy is associated with failure. In reality, bankruptcy can be a success story, and we know how to make that happen! Our diligent attorneys work hard to get results for clients, and below is just a sample of businesses we’ve helped to restructure or eliminate debt.

Debt Elimination Victories from The Lane Law Firm

Real-Life Examples Showing How Our Attorneys Help Businesses Achieve Victory Over Debt

No redactions. No anonymous testimonials. No "settlement agreements" from years ago. Just real-life results showing success over financial hardships. Each business victory and their results is verifiable via publicly available federal court records.

In 2022, we helped Texas business owners eliminate $18,132,763 in debt and free themselves from 418 personal guarantees. 

Some clients have experienced the following:

  • 100% Elimination of SBA debt
  • 100% Elimination of MCA debt
  • 100% Release from Personal Guarantees
  • 97% Reduction in Overall Debt

To see specific examples, click on the businesses listed below.

If your business is struggling with mounting debt, The Lane Law Firm is here to help. 

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94.9% of MCA Debt Eliminated for Atlantic Worldwide Shipping
94.3% of SBA Debt Eliminated for Nexel Services
$474,294 in MCA Debt Eliminated for GFS Industries
100% of SBA Debt Elimination for Hamptons Dental
$535,750 in MCA Debt Eliminated for Hi Tork Power
85.1% Reduction in Unsecured Debt for Stroumpos DDS
100% of SBA Debt Eliminated for ClearedDirect
56.5% of MCA Debt Eliminated for Triniti
100% of MCA Debt Eliminated for Deyo Transportation
91.2% of MCA Debt Eliminated for KR Medical
100% of MCA Debt Eliminated for Selims Doener

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