Business Debt Relief

Helping Texas business owners turn around tough financial situations. From managing debts to stopping predatory lenders, The Lane Law Firm is here to protect you and your business.

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Business Debt Relief

Experienced, Comprehensive Business Debt Relief Solutions

The Lane Law Firm has decades of experience developing and implementing comprehensive business debt settlement solutions for businesses across Texas. If your business is having trouble paying bills, is being sued or harassed by creditors, or is at risk of having accounts frozen, our team of experienced debt relief attorneys can help. Our comprehensive business debt relief strategies include:

  • Responding to creditor lawsuits
  • Filing for Temporary Restraining Orders 
  • Pursuing predatory lenders or debt collectors
  • Settling and vacating judgments 
  • Challenging fraudulent UCC liens
  • Protection from merchant cash advance lenders
  • Analyzing how best to avoid personal bankruptcy

We have worked in business debt relief since 2009. We know how to help you, and our experienced attorneys are always ready to fight for your business — no matter how difficult or even the time of day. If your business is at risk, don't wait. Schedule time with us now.

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Business Debt Relief

Business Debt Relief Strategies Tailored To Your Business

For Texas businesses struggling through cash-flow challenges, overwhelmed with debt from the Small Business Administration (SBA), traditional bank loans, factoring agreements, MCAs, and more — you're in the right place. 

At The Lane Law Firm, we work first to understand your business and your goals to get out of debt. Then, we explore every available option to settle your business debt while protecting your interests. Based on your business debt and your goals, we'll develop a strategy that works to resolve your business's financial situation. 

No matter what kind of debt you're facing — if you're worried that business debt is starting to spiral out of control, it's important to act quickly. Most businesses have a number of options, but only if you start working to find a solution now.

Business Debt Relief

Avoiding Bankruptcy

No business owner opens a business with the intent of declaring bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy can have long-lasting and far-reaching consequences.  Thus, determining how best to achieve debt relief while avoiding personal bankruptcy should be the primary goal when strategizing how best to tackle business debt. 

Our team has helped over 4,000 Texans avoid bankruptcy when faced with losing their livelihood or homestead, and we're committed to doing the same for each client.  Yet, when faced with overwhelming debt, business or personal bankruptcy is a topic that should be openly discussed to best understand how to avoid it.  Before accepting a one-size-fits-all debt relief plan like most firms suggest, we consider and present multiple options, leveraging Federal and Texas laws, in counseling and helping you choose what is best for your business debt.

For a fair, honest assessment of the legal debt relief strategies available to you and your business, contact our team. 

Personal Bankruptcy

Avoid Personal Bankruptcy

The effects of personal bankruptcy can be long-lasting and far-reaching.  We only recommend that clients pursue personal bankruptcy in the most extreme situations, and if it is truly the best option for their unique situation. If you are overwhelmed with debt and personal obligations and having trouble keeping up with mortgage or rent payments, car payments, and more, The Lane Law Firm will counsel you on your options to determine how best to either avoid or use personal bankruptcy. TALK TO US TODAY.


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