What Should I Do If My Business Was Denied SBA Aid or a PPP Loan?

E.J. Simonsen | Mar 1, 2022

If your business applied for SBA aid or was denied getting a PPP loan, and you no longer can make the payments on your debt, or you're struggling to determine how you're going to keep your business going, don't give up.

If you believe that your business can come back, you believe that your revenue will rise in the future, but you're struggling or drowning under debt payments right now, there are options. You don't necessarily have to file bankruptcy.


Talk to an Attorney to Learn Your Options After Being Denied SBA Aid or a PPP Loan

There are plenty of non-bankruptcy options that a competent professional — your local attorney — can help you with to resolve those debt payments. If you have to file bankruptcy, then maybe you don't need to file personal bankruptcy. Maybe you can do a reorganization of your business. But there are options available to you.

Every situation is unique. If you have questions, contact our office. We'd love to help.

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