[Video] What Are My Options When My MCA Lender is Harassing My Customers?

E.J. Simonsen | Jun 28, 2022

When a merchant cash advance company, or any high-interest lender, is contacting your customers, harassing them, demanding that they be paid the money that is due you, you're going to need to take immediate steps.

How Do Merchant Cash Advance Lenders Harass Customers? 

There's a variety of ways that they may seek to do so. They may be using a judgment that's been levied against you and/or your business. They may be sending collection letters from their attorney under the UCC. Stopping that process, getting your money back on track, retaining the relationship that you have with that customer, is critical — and the way that you do that is to be proactive with a local attorney.

Work with an Attorney to Stop Merchant Cash Advance Lender Harassment

There's a non-bankruptcy option and a bankruptcy option. The non-bankruptcy option is using an attorney to intervene between you and them, and negotiating something that will call for the immediate release of that UCC, so that your customer relationship can be kept intact.


The bankruptcy option is more definitive, but much more severe. Filing bankruptcy will bring an immediate stop to the liens caused by UCC or a judgment that is preventing your money from reaching you and going to your creditors instead.


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