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    May 17, 2022

    What Should I Know If My Business Is Considering Debt Consolidation?

    If your business is considering doing a debt consolidation or reverse consolidation of a merchant...

    May 10, 2022

    What Is a Confession of Judgment?

    A confession of judgment, in essence, is you promising that you owe this debt — you confessing that...

    May 3, 2022

    Hail Can Cause Permanent Damage to Your Roof

    Over the years, a lot of customers have asked, "How does hail damage my roof?"

    Apr 26, 2022

    5 Options When Facing Foreclosure

    Hello! My name is Juan Zane Crawford. I'm a retired service-disabled Air Force captain.

    Apr 19, 2022

    Will My Possessions Be Seized If I Can't Make My Business's Loan Payments?

    Can Business Lenders Seize My Personal Possessions?  If your business finds itself in the position...

    Apr 12, 2022

    What Every Business Owner Should Know Before Taking a Merchant Cash Advance

    If your business is contemplating taking a merchant cash advance, tread carefully. Maybe this is...

    Apr 5, 2022

    The Lane Law Firm - Foreclosure Defense and Insurance Claims

    At The Lane Law Firm, our attorneys have been fighting mortgage companies and insurance companies...

    Mar 22, 2022

    Introduction to the Hail eGuide

    If you received one of these in the mail, your neighborhood was recently hit by a pretty intense...

    Mar 15, 2022

    What Are My Options If I Can’t Make My Merchant Cash Advance Payments?

    If your business is unable to make daily or weekly payments to your merchant cash advance, there...

    Mar 8, 2022

    If I Can’t Pay My Merchant Cash Advance Lender, Can They Seize My Bank Account?

    If you're unable to pay your merchant cash advance lender — in other words, if you're in default,...

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