Help Us Help Homeowners & Earn Commission in the Process

Each month in Texas, nearly 3,000 families face foreclosure. Sadly, 85% of them ever never reach out for assistance and end up getting foreclosed on.

The Lane Law Firm is the highest volume and most successful Foreclosure Defense firm in Texas. We are highly successful in stopping foreclosures and working out resolutions for our clients such as short sales or loan modifications. However, we can't reach all the families who need our help, so we work with Real Estate Agents throughout Texas to help as many homeowners as possible. So whether you're a new agent looking to expand your business, or a veteran who know the value of a listing, we want to "partner" with you to help as many homeowners who face foreclose and never reach out for assistance.

 Saving Families One Property at a Time

What We Do

  • We are the highest volume and most successful Foreclosure Defense firm in Texas. 
  • Loan Modifications, Short Sales, HOA Negotiations, Legal Litigation
  • We work along side real estate agents to save families and help communities
  • Thousands of successful transactions, perfect record with the Better Business Bureau and the State Bar of Texas

Partnering with REALTORS

  • Leads and training are free, and we routinely refer clients to agents we know and trust will take care of our clients
  • You control your listing, maintain the client, and earn full commission that is paid by the bank accepting the short sale
  • We fight the banks, handle all negotiations, and protect you from legal liability
  • Short sales provide positive exposure, bringing you more buyers