Our REALTOR® Program

Working with Texas Realtors® to prevent the loss of commission due to foreclosure or failed short sale, as well as providing agents information to assist them in preserving homeownership in the communities they serve.

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Realtor Program

Working With Realtors® to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

With COVID foreclosure relief measures no longer in effect, it is no surprise that foreclosures are on the rise.  

Sadly, 85% of property owners lose their property because they do not seek legal assistance. The Lane Law Firm is passionate about reducing those numbers and helping Texas homeowners avoid foreclosure. While we have helped over 11,000 Texans facing foreclosure, we can't reach everyone who needs our help.  That's why we collaborate with Texas real estate agents to extend our reach and help as many agents and homeowners as possible.

Whether you're a new agent hoping to expand your business or a veteran who knows the value of a listing, we are here to collaborate with you to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

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Realtor Program

How Our REALTOR® Program Works

Our Realtor collaboration program is designed to support real estate agents with clients in tough situations. If you have a client at risk of foreclosure, we partner with you to manage the legal aspects of that client's situation. You control your listing, maintain your client relationship, and earn a full commission when the bank accepts a short sale for the home.

Our services include:

Free Leads & Training

We are always looking for excellent local real estate agents we trust to take care of our clients.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Your Clients

The Lane Law Firm will fight the banks, handle all negotiations, and protect you from legal liability. Our services include loan modifications, HOA negotiations, and legal litigation.

Short Sale Assistance

We will negotiate with the bank to arrange a short sale when it's the best option for your client. Those sales provide positive exposure and help to bring you more buyers.

Realtor Program

Texas Foreclosure Statistics

Too many Texas homeowners are plagued by foreclosure and don't even know that assistance is available to them. These statistics show exactly why we at The Lane Law Firm are so passionate about reaching as many homeowners as possible. 

  • 85% of homeowners facing foreclosure never reach out to anyone for help.
  • Nearly 1,500 homes are posted for foreclosure in Texas each month.
  • Short sales (an important, finance-saving option for many homeowners) comprised just 1.6% of the total properties posted. 
  • Those numbers add up to a potential of over $1 billion in sales, and over $156 million in lost sales commission.

Realtor Program

How The Lane Law Firm Realtor Program Benefits Homeowners

Our Realtor® program is designed to expand our reach to homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Thousands of families in Texas aren't aware that there are ways to avoid foreclosure, and our collaboration with realtors like you helps to spread that message.

Benefits Include:
  • Legal representation against and protection from lenders and servicers
  • Potential foreclosure prevention and the avoidance of deficiency judgments
  • Settlement awards, lien removal, and reduction of outstanding debts
  • Zero or minimal closing costs, often with cash paid to seller upon closing

Realtor Program Client Reviews

"I did not want to list a short sale as I had heard how time-consuming and frustrating it was. After talking with The Lane Law Firm, I decided to give it a try. You were professional, gave sound advice, and we succeeded in selling the house in less than 45 days. The seller was so pleased. Thank you!"

- Judy Kay, Rockcenter Realty

"Thanks for once again beating the bank and saving my listings from foreclosure. When anyone mentions the word short sale, I immediately set up a meeting with you. The more short sales I close with you guys, the more I appreciate all you do."

- Dan Goon, Keller Williams

"We all know as Realtors we're not supposed to give legal advice, so it's good to have someone who has our back like The Lane Law Firm — someone who knows how to speak about the legal aspects. I think your Lunch & Learn has been very informative. I would recommend it 100%. You can never learn too much and we need to keep learning every day in our jobs."

- Yulius Wengenroth, Realtor


Ready to Join Our Realtor Program?

The Lane Law Firm is always looking for motivated, dedicated realtors to help our clients and other Texas homeowners avoid foreclosure. If you'd like to work with us, leave a message or schedule a consultation to connect today!

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