CPA & Accountant Collaboration & Debt Restructuring

We work hand-in-hand with Texas CPAs and Accountants to help struggling small and medium-sized businesses restructure problematic debt and get back on their feet again.

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Working with CPAs and Accountants to Find Financial Solutions for Small Businesses

As a CPA or Accountant, you and your firm work hard to help small business clients file state and federal taxes, meet IRS requirements, keep the books, arrange financing, and make smart financial decisions that help them maximize profit and avoid unnecessary debt. Yet, business owners can be trailblazers who don’t always heed their CPA’s advice. That's where we come in.

How We Help Small Businesses

The Lane Law Firm works with small businesses throughout the state of Texas to resolve the legal ramifications that often result from overly burdensome debt. Sometimes a business’s “good debt”, such as a low-interest SBA loan, becomes “bad debt” due to uncontrollable events like COVID. Other times, business owners make rash decisions when facing short-term cash crunches, such as succumbing to the siren call of predatory financial products like a merchant cash advance. 

Why WE Need Your Support

Over the years, we’ve learned that most of our clients know what they sell, how to sell it, and how much they hope to make per sale. Unfortunately, many are unsure of how to interpret their financials, determine actual profitability, or manage cash flow without expensive debt. In short, more than once we’ve resolved their legal issues only to have them return after repeating the same mistakes — mistakes that could be avoided with guidance from a trusted CPA, Accountant, or outside contract CFO.

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The Lane Law CPA & Accountant Collaboration & Debt Restructuring Program

Our CPA Collaboration & Debt Restructuring Program exists to combine our experience with your financial expertise. Our firm can provide you with the legal resources you need to support clients dealing with predatory lenders or at risk of bankruptcy. Your participation in this program also means our team has access to a network of expert CPAs we can trust to support the clients we refer for financial support. This program brings a collaborative approach to our respective services bringing mutual benefits and offering an improved experience for our clients. 

Roofing Partners

Get Paid For The Work You've Completed

One of the most frustrating aspects of working with insurance claims is the collection of the second check — the recoverable depreciation — once you've completed your work. You received the deposit, completed the roof as requested, and now you're looking for that final payment, but no one is answering your calls. 

Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and you're not the only roofing contractor facing this problem. Collecting recoverable depreciation checks can feel impossible, but there are ways to make sure you're getting paid for the work you've completed. You can always contact our team of attorneys, but we've also developed a FREE guide to help roofers with exactly this problem.

Follow these 10 Steps to Guarantee Collection of Recoverable Depreciation and recover every penny you've earned, without hiring an attorney!

How Our CPA & Accountant Program Works

Our CPA program is designed to work in two ways: 1) to support CPAs and Accountants with clients in tough financial situations, and 2) to refer our clients who we identify, before, during, or after restructuring their debt, who need a trusted, expert CPA or Accountant like you. We partner with you to help resolve the legal concerns of your business clients, and we also reach out to you first when our clients need CPA, Accountant, or outside CFO support. 

Our Services Include:

Free Leads & Training

We are always looking for expert CPAs and Accountants throughout Texas to support our clients. Some clients have squeaky clean financials from a recent Ch 11 bankruptcy exit, while others are in a legal and financial hurricane and the company’s very survival is at stake. We provide training via case studies and other information to help you identify clients who may benefit from debt settlement services, contract dispute litigation, Chapter 11 Subchapter 5 bankruptcy, and more early on — when their debt can be reasonably resolved.

Legal Support for Your Clients

The Lane Law Firm fights for small businesses. Whether your clients are dealing with banks, property insurance carriers, or adversarial debt collectors, we handle all legal proceedings and negotiations and help businesses get the legal side of their finances under control.

Our services include a range of out-of-court business debt relief solutions and litigation options, such as Chapter 11, Chapter 11 Subchapter 5, and Chapter 7 bankruptcies. We're here to help businesses get back on track, whether that means restructuring debt with private equity, leveraging bankruptcy protection, relaunching a business, or fighting predatory lenders.

Hired as Contract CFO for Ch 11, Subchapter 5

When Chapter 11, Subchapter 5 is the best solution for our clients, they frequently need an accountant, CPA, or Contract CFO for 6-8 months to facilitate the financial reporting and advise on their business debt reorganization plan. We work with qualified local CPAs to help make this another one of your profitable services.


How The Lane Law Firm's CPA Program Benefits Small Businesses

As a CPA, you're often working with businesses that are not as profitable as they could be or worse are in financial trouble. Unfortunately, there's not always a way for you to manage or mitigate these concerns. 

Our clients come to us for two main reasons. 

  • First, our legal expertise in defending business owners and their companies when facing predatory lenders or unreasonable debt collectors. 
  • Second, our winning track record in converting secured debt positions to unsecured. 

When combined, tremendous leverage is created paving the way to quickly and cost effectively restructure a business’ debt.   

Our collaboration helps you get your clients the trusted legal support they need, while you continue to walk them through the financial aspects of their situation. Our team handles all legal concerns, fights predatory lenders in the courts, and if needed files and manages a bankruptcy reorganization. You handle the financial concerns, from getting their books in order, to building a comprehensive financial plan for the future. 

Together, we provide a better, more comprehensive service, helping Texas small businesses and their owners get back on their feet and on a path to profitability as soon as possible.

Let's Collaborate!

Ready to Learn More?

The Lane Law Firm is always looking for motivated, dedicated CPAs to help Texas small businesses get out from under crippling debt. If you'd like to work with us, leave a message or schedule a consultation to connect today!

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