You're Busy

If you're a roofer in Texas, it's no secret that you're busy. Texas has some of the most extreme weather in the country. Many of the Lone Star State’s largest cities are located in the hail belt, tornado alley, or are exposed to hurricanes along the coast. Roofs across the state are constantly exposed to these extreme weather conditions - and the sun's punishing rays - leaving roofing contractors in high demand.


You're In Luck

As a roofing contractor, amid the numerous jobs and claims, who supports you when you need it? When it comes to undervalued or denied claims, who protects your business? What about when a homeowner or insurance company doesn’t pay you what you’re owed?

You’re in luck, because you’ve just found the answer to these questions. The Lane Law Firm - The Roofer’s Lawyer is THE choice to protect your business from the inevitable roadblocks you face.