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Merchant Cash Advance

Don't Let Predatory Merchant Cash Advance Lenders Win

If your business is dealing with a predatory merchant cash advance (MCA) lender, get help now. These lenders are well known for preying on businesses that are tight on cash, offering large upfront sums of money, and then immediately turning around to charge high fees and even higher interest rates. When a business can't make those payments, these lenders are able to freeze your bank account and seize your assets. 

Your business may be at risk if:

  • A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is destroying your business's cash flow. 
  • Your business is constantly harassed by pushy collection calls. 
  • Your bank or merchant processing accounts are frozen
  • You signed an Agreed Judgment or have a Personal Guarantee
  • You're looking for relief with overwhelming MCA payments

The Lane Law Firm's experienced merchant cash advance attorneys are here to explore every option available to settle or restructure MCA payments while protecting your interests. We will examine your unique situation and tailor a plan to stop lender harassment, regain access to your business's money, lower daily or weekly payments, and negotiate to save you money. 

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Texas Merchant Cash Advance Defense

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance is an unconventional finance product where a business is given a near-instant cash advance in exchange for repayment from future sales. While an MCA can quickly inject capital into a business struggling with cash flow, the consequences far outweigh the benefits. Once sucked into an MCA, it can be nearly impossible for a business to get out due to high daily or weekly payments and exorbitant interest rates.

Consequences of an MCA

Merchant cash advances present a number of negative consequences for businesses of any size: 


  • Aggressive repayment schedules. After accepting an MCA, a business must then make daily or weekly payments with outrageous interest rates and fees, making it difficult to break the borrowing cycle and dig out of a deep financial hole. 
  • MCAs can stack. Too often, businesses take out additional MCAs to be able to make payments on the initial principle they borrowed. This can dig a business even deeper into the debt trap. 
  • Frozen bank accounts. Due to the nature of an MCA, when a business is unable to make the outrageous payments, an MCA lender can freeze the business's bank accounts, ruining your reputation, affecting your ability to pay employees, and bringing business operations to a halt. 

Business asset seizure. MCA lenders are also often able to seize assets when a business defaults on a repayment plan, taking away the equipment and machinery you need to do business.

How an MCA Attorney Can Help

If your business is at risk from a predatory MCA lender, a merchant cash advance attorney can help, but it's important to call as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more that lender may be able to take from your business. The experienced MCA attorneys at The Lane Law Firm can help:


  • Stop creditors from harassing you, your business, franchisees, employees, and clients
  • Negotiate a settlement and/or make MCA repayment arrangements
  • Enforce Texas and Federal laws regarding fair debt collection
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Confession of Judgment

Many New York-based lenders require their borrowers to sign a "confession of judgment" agreement as a condition of MCA approval. This is a written agreement that essentially gives those predatory lenders a way to circumvent normal court proceedings and avoid a lengthy legal process to resolve a dispute. When your business signs a confession of judgment, you are giving that lender power to freeze business bank accounts and effectively shut down the business with minimal notice and little ability for your business to defend itself. 

If you or your business signed a confession of judgment agreement and have defaulted on an MCA payment, we strongly urge you to seek legal support as soon as possible. There are few options for recourse after a confession of judgment is signed, so for the safety of your business and your personal finances, get in touch with an experienced merchant cash advance attorney today.


Need legal firepower against MCAs?

Don't let New York or out-of-state predatory lenders win. Don't trust "debt settlement" companies recommended by an MCA broker, or disreputable lenders. Fight back! The Lane Law Firm's team of merchant cash advance attorneys will defend you and your business. Focus on running your business while we restructure or settle the MCA debt. Schedule a free, confidential consultation with The Lane Law Firm.

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