Denied or Underpaid Pipe Damage Insurance Claims

Was your home or commercial property damaged by a burst pipe as a result of winter storm Uri? If your insurance claim has gone unpaid or underpaid, or if your insurance company is just dragging their feet in paying what they should, you need to take action right away to protect your property and your legal rights!

You don't have to accept a denied windstorm insurance claim 

Once your insurance company is undervaluing, delaying, or refusing to pay your insurance claim as they should, you may need an insurance claim lawyer well versed in pipe damage claims to vigorously advocate on your behalf. If you have received money to pay your claim but your mortgage company refuses to release your money, you need an experienced insurance law firm like The Lane Law Firm.

The good news is that in Texas, once your claim is denied and you have to hire an attorney to enforce your policy, the insurance company is required to pay your attorney fees if the claim is paid. For that reason, we charge clients nothing out-of-pocket and we only get paid when you get paid, so there's zero risk in hiring us to help you.  

Don't be a victim twice - fight back with The Lane Law Firm!






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We are pleased to assist clients with select services on a contingent fee basis, meaning that if the firm does not obtain a recovery, or if the amount recovered does not exceed the amount of costs and expenses, then the firm is not entitled to any fees.

ZERO out-of-pocket cost to you means ZERO risk. Contact us for more details.



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Robert Chamless LaneReviewsout of 29 reviews
"First Class Lawyer"
I just had a dispute with my insurance company resolved and I could not be happier with the results. I was getting denied unfairly, so I was referred to Robert Lane. The process went smoothly and I received updates when available. If you have had issues with getting a claim approved, I highly recommend Robert Lane.
"Enforced Policy" 
Thanks to Mr. Lane and his team the insurance company finally performed on a claim as they should have.
- Ron
"Highly Recommend"
They were professional and dedicated to meeting our needs. They understood our concerns and helped us resolve our insurance case. We highly recommend The Lane Law Firm. 
- Brian
"Favorable Outcome"
Mr. Lane helped to negotiate a settlement for my insurance claim. The favorable outcome is directly attributed to his efforts. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his firm. 
- Carol




Insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid paying your claim  

Insurance companies will often push back on a pipe damage claims saying your policy doesn’t cover that damage since it is due to wear and tear, especially in older homes with original pipes in them. They might also claim you failed to protect the the pipes from freezing or didn't do enough to prevent the burst or subsequent damages. Another common insurance company tactic is to fix the damage the burst pipe caused, but not fix the pipes themselves.

Review your policy to see what's covered and what isn't. If you're not sure, we're happy to review your policy at no cost.  

After suffering a burst pipe claim, it's essential to document the damage to the pipe(s) as well as the damaged the water caused. Take lots of pictures or video of the damaged areas as well as the clean up efforts. If you lost power and threw out spoiled food, take pictures of that too. Make sure to date stamp the pictures or video, when possible, to demonstrate you took proper steps to prevent further damage. Keep your receipts if forced to stay in a hotel or eat at a restaurant as many policies cover such expenses.    

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