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    Mar 14, 2023

    Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Pipes That Burst? Here’s the Answer

    You have homeowners insurance, pay your premiums on time, and maintain a good relationship with...

    Dec 15, 2022

    How Long Can a Texas Home Insurance Claim Stay Open?

    With every claim they review, insurance companies have various legal, financial, and logistical...

    Aug 23, 2022

    Homeowners: What Does it Mean to be Underinsured?

    A home is perhaps the single largest investment in a person’s life. When someone takes out a...

    Aug 2, 2022

    Understanding CLUE Reports

    If you're planning to switch insurance providers, or if you're in the market for a new insurance...

    Apr 24, 2018

    What Causes Homeowners Insurance Premiums to go Up?

      Most people have insurance policies to protect themselves should something go wrong, then when...

    Feb 8, 2018

    How to File a Homeowner's Insurance Claim After an Incident

      Whether you rent or own, at some point you’ll likely have to make a homeowners insurance claim. ...

    Oct 28, 2016

    Halloween Homeowners Insurance Horrors

    It's that time of the year with ghosts and goblins, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Elvira, and candy...

    Jul 1, 2016

    Claim Dispute Resolution

    Why Dispute a Claim? There might be a time when you have to file a property damage claim with your...

    5 Myths About Insurance Claim Disputes and Attorneys

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