Introduction to the Hail eGuide

E.J. Simonsen | Mar 22, 2022

If you received one of these in the mail, your neighborhood was recently hit by a pretty intense storm, which likely caused damage to your home. 

Our Hail eGuide Can Help You File a Property Insurance Claim 

Most homeowners make an insurance claim about once a decade, so you may have never made a claim, or perhaps it's been a while and you have some concerns and reservations.


Well, that's why we developed this guide. See, over the years, we've helped hundreds of homeowners with denied insurance claims and have seen our share of mistakes. Our passion is helping homeowners, so to assist our neighbors, we developed a list of the six most common mistakes made, and how to avoid them. So download your guide now, read it, and make your claim.


If you still have questions or need help with a denied claim, give us a call at (877) 408-3328.


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