Lane Law Firm Helps Texas Roofer Resolve 50+ Denied Insurance Claims

E.J. Simonsen | Jul 27, 2022

Brad Briggs & The Lane Law Firm

My name is Brad Briggs, owner of Texas Engineered Roofing, located in The Woodlands, Texas. I've been roofing since 2011, so I'm going on six years now, and I've owned my own company since 2014.

The Challenge — Property Insurance Claims

The biggest challenges I've had as an owner is because we mainly deal with insurance claims. It is able to collect in a timely manner from insurance companies, so that's definitely a big challenge that I have as a business owner.

When you add that, you know, over multiple jobs, especially when a huge storm comes up and all of a sudden you've got a clientele base of hundreds, you know, that's where, you know, it separates the good companies from those that will eventually bankrupt and go out of business.

The Solution — Working with Our Experienced Property Insurance Claim Attorneys at The Lane Law Firm

I've been working with The Lane Law Firm going on probably three years now. We started off using a public adjuster, and we just were not happy. We found, in our experience, it was just to go, you know, straight to The Lane Law Firm because we'll have a quick turnover rate and a higher probability of actually getting the roof bought.

So, you know, what The Lane Law Firm does is, first of all, you know, my company, you know, I don't require contingencies, so I, you know, I'm very confident that, you know, we close every job or almost every job that we send to them.

We've grown exponentially. I mean, he's already helped us with over 50 claims, and I know we probably have closer to another 50 with him. Our customers see how far we're willing to go for them, and I just churn and burn and, you know, well "you got denied," let's move on to the next one, you know. We'll be there for the long-run.

What customers of ours will always ask is, you know, "What is the upfront cost the hiring The Lane Law Firm?" Our answer every time is your deductible. It's great. That's why, you know, we continue to use them day-in and day-out.

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