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Chip Lane, Esq

Chip Lane, Esq
Mr. Lane represents homeowners in Texas who are either at risk of having their properties improperly foreclosed by their lenders, or those that were already wrongfully foreclosed.

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Hurricane Season: What to Do Before Disaster Strikes

May 7, 2020 8:58:09 AM / by Chip Lane, Esq

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The most critical time for your business and/or property to prepare for an eventual insurance claim is right now before there is an imminent threat. Unlike tropical storms, hurricanes some number of days to prepare, most property damage events occur without any notice. Think about flash floods, fires, hailstorms, tornadoes, theft, and vandalism. You don’t want to react after an eventfrantically weighing the pros and cons when a little bit of planning could have saved you plenty of heartache, headache and a lot of money.

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