8 Errors Identified in Mortgage Documents, Stopping Foreclosure

E.J. Simonsen | Aug 16, 2022

The Lane Law Firm brought it to my attention that, in getting a home mortgage, that sometimes mortgage lenders, banks make mistakes in your case. But specifically what The Lane Law Firm did was brought it to my attention that there might be some errors, some Texas constitutional errors.

The Problem — Constitutional Errors During the Mortgage Refinancing Process

I brought in all of my materials, my mortgage materials, from when we refinanced our house, back I believe in 2011, and they went over it, and they found what they believe were eight constitutional errors. They sent a letter to the bank requesting that they cure the problems and brought a lawsuit. 

The Solution — An Experienced Attorney that Helped Reach a Much-Deserved Settlement 

Then we had a deposition, and an attorney here from the law firm represented me in the deposition — which was really important to me, since I'm being asked questions. The bank had given me several papers to sign, but one of them they had not given me to sign, so it was not signed, and somebody actually forged my signature.

The relief that I would have been given is I would have been relieved of paying anything on my mortgage. So we worked out a settlement, which was satisfactory to me. I felt like the attorney who represented me in the deposition took good care of me and represented me well. The representation was good here.

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