[Case Study] Stop Foreclosure & Negotiates $139K+ Loan Modification

E.J. Simonsen | Aug 2, 2022

In 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer, and I started that long journey of dealing with my illness. And due to my circumstances — not working and such, and running up medical bills — we found ourselves behind on our mortgage. We could not get our mortgage company to work with us, while we were attempting to make up the money, so they decided to file for foreclosure — and that's when we came in contact with The Lane Law Firm in 2014.

How The Lane Law Firm Helped Stop the Foreclosure & Negotiate Refinancing Options

They went through the entire process — what would be happening, and how they can possibly help us. They were always available by phone, by email, and they took care of our problems every step of the way.

They were able to stop the foreclosure, and after two and a half years, we successfully negotiated a refinance, and we got our loan with a very low interest rate.

I would say that if you are having a problem with a mortgage company, don't wait. Contact The Lane Law Firm, and let them handle your problem. They'll take care of the issues you might have — whether it's foreclosure, tax problems with a mortgage company, whatever the case may be, and they'll successfully resolve the issue for you.

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