Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Claims

Since 2009, The Lane Law Firm has been fighting to get property owners the compensation they deserve for underpaid or, worse, denied fire and smoke damage insurance claims, risk free.

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Fire & Smoke damage CLAIMS

Underpaid or Denied Fire & Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

A fire can cause considerable damage to both residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately, even when property owners do their part by having insurance and paying premiums on time, their fire damage insurance claims can still be delayed, underpaid, or denied. 

Most often, insurance companies will underpay fire damage insurance claims and smoke damage insurance claims, wanting to repair the damaged property instead of paying to have it completely replaced. This only puts a Band-Aid on the problem, rather than fixing it right the first time — and some property owners don’t realize quite how damaged their property is until it fails months or years after restoration took place. To avoid this stressful and costly issue, you need to ensure your insurance policy is enforced, and that you receive every dollar you need to fix your property the first time around.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Claims

What to Do If Your Insurer Underpaid or Denied Your Texas Fire Damage Insurance Claim

If your insurer underpaid or denied your fire damage insurance claim or smoke damage insurance claim and your property is still in need of repairs, you should take action right away. If you need help protecting your property and your rights, you may need a fire and smoke damage insurance claim lawyer to advocate on your behalf. That’s what we do best at The Lane Law Firm.

Fire & Smoke Damage claims

The Lane Law Firm’s No Win, No Fee Guarantee

Our team of experienced insurance defense attorneys is pleased to assist clients with property insurance claims on a contingent fee basis. If we don't obtain a recovery, or if the amount recovered doesn't cover your costs and expenses, then we won't take any fees. ZERO out-of-pocket cost to you means ZERO risk. 

If you have an apartment claim that’s been underpaid or denied, call us at (877) 408-3328 or schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation at a time convenient for you.


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