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5 Ways Risk Reduction Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Sep 6, 2017 12:32:00 PM / by Greg Tidmore posted in Commerical claims


Risk vs Reward. Risk reduction can definitely improve the bottom line.

Roofing calls for working in varying heights; commercial roofing can require even greater heights. In the roof-contracting business, one of the first words owners ponder is risk. The stark reality is that when roofing contractors go about their daily routines, there is always the potential to be injured or even killed in fatal fall incident.

For small or new roofing contractors there are definite cons in making safety a first priority in your business: it is costly, you need additional equipment, you have additional policies and procedures to follow, and you have to provide training programs for workers.

While a complete safety overhaul may not be a feasible feat for every roofing contractor, taking small steps towards improving your business' safety can actually pay off in BIG ways.

Here are five ways how risk reduction can help:

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