The Power of Partnerships: How Roofing Lawyers Help Roofers Get Paid

Ron Glaser | Feb 29, 2024

As a roofer, it’s almost inevitable that you’ve had your fair share of insurance claim jobs. Many claims get paid as they should, but far too often, insurance companies are unfairly underpaying or outright denying legitimate claims. This can result in missed payments and have a major effect on your business. 

With all the added stressors involved with insurance jobs, we know it can be tempting to walk away from a denied claim job. Or, in some cases, you don’t have the chance to walk away because you agreed to do the job before you knew the claim was underpaid or denied. That’s where we come in. Keep reading to see the benefits of partnering with an experienced roofing lawyer and how we can help you get your hard-earned money. 

What Does a Roofing Lawyer Do?

A roofing lawyer works for a law firm that specializes in helping roofers and their clients get paid. Their goal is to ensure that insurance companies live up to their obligations and that policyholders receive the payments they deserve. 

As roofing lawyers ourselves, we understand the true nature of coverage disputes. We know how insurance companies operate, the way their brain works, and what tactics they use to avoid their obligations. 

When a roofing contractor has a relationship with a law firm specializing in roofing disputes, they can contact their lawyer if they have a client/property owner with a denied or unpaid insurance claim. The firm will represent the property owner and work to get the insurance company to pay.


What Are the Benefits of Collaboration Between Law Firms and Roofing Companies?

There is an array of valuable advantages to partnerships between law firms and roofers, including the following: 

No Out-of-Pocket Costs:

One of the best benefits of having a relationship with a roofing lawyer is that with most firms, including The Lane Law Firm, there are no out-of-pocket expenses for roofers or property owners. Lawyers will only get paid when the claim is successfully settled. 

You Can Focus on What You Do Best:

Time is money, especially in the roofing industry. Handling insurance disputes can be time-consuming, taking you away from revenue-generating projects. By entrusting this aspect to us, you can focus on what you do best, delivering high-quality roofing solutions to your clients.

Increased Success Rates:

Combining legal knowledge with roofing knowledge leads to higher success rates in disputing denied insurance claims. Clients benefit from the enhanced likelihood of receiving fair compensation for their roofing repairs or replacements, and roofers benefit by getting paid for their work. 

Expedited Claims Processing:

Collaboration with a law firm can streamline the claims process by providing insurers with clear, well-documented information, reducing delays and the chances of denial.

Contingency Contracts:

If you have a contingency contract with the client, we do everything we can to make sure you, the roofer, get the check and not the client. We will always try our best to give you the money directly. 

Maximized Claim Amounts:

Our in-depth understanding of insurance policies, claims processes, and negotiation strategies allows us to navigate complex situations efficiently. This expertise often translates into maximizing claim amounts.

Read a Real-Life Success Story Showcasing How We Help Roofers Get Paid

The following testimonial showcases a real-life success story, so you can see firsthand how our assistance helps roofers secure their well-deserved payments. 

Our client, Brad Briggs, has owned his own roofing company in Texas since 2014. In this video, he explains his experience working with The Lane Law Firm to handle various roofing insurance claims for his customers. 


The Lane Law Firm Is Committed to Helping Roofers Like You

The Lane Law Firm is committed to helping local roofing contractors like you get paid. Don’t miss out on any more denied roof insurance claim jobs, we can help every step of the way! Schedule a free consultation today to discover how we can be your advocate and assist you in getting paid. 

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