Helping Roofers Get Paid: Texas Tornado Damage Lawyers

Megan Simonsen | Feb 7, 2023

Thousands of Texas homes and properties were recently affected by a powerful string of tornadoes. While this was a particularly damaging event, the hard truth is that tornadoes are quite common in Texas. In fact, Texas is one of the most tornado-prone states in the country. 

While this information is obviously alarming for home and property owners, it can also seriously impact business functions for Texas roofers. Here’s what you need to know about the role roofers play in disaster recovery, and how they can ensure they’re compensated fairly for their work.

The Ideal World: How Roofers Get Paid For Tornado Damage Repair

In an ideal world, the insurance claim filing process would be fast, easy, and fair. Here’s an example of what it would take to get a roofer paid for their work spent on roof repairs or replacement following a storm. 

Shortly after the home or property owner files their insurance claim, the insurance company finalizes the total amount of damages. Then they send a check for that amount to the property owner, which covers the repairs needed to return the roof to its original condition. 

The insurance company’s involvement in the process is now finished. The homeowner then pays the roofer for their work using the money the insurance paid them.

The Unfortunate Reality: Denied or Underpaid Property Insurance Claims

Here’s the kicker: many insurance companies have a reputation for denying or underpaying property insurance claims. Even if homeowners or property owners do everything they can to pay premiums on time, they’ll find ways to prolong the process and underpay. This is, of course, very frustrating for property owners — but it’s equally as frustrating to roofers who are trying to get paid. 

How Texas Tornado Damage Lawyers Fight Insurers & Help Roofers Get Paid

Collecting the recoverable depreciation is one of the most difficult tasks for Texas roofers. If you’ve received a deposit and completed all the roofing work that was requested, you deserve to get paid the final amount you’re owed. Denied or underpaid insurance claims shouldn’t prevent this. 

An experienced insurance claim dispute attorney can help you get paid what you’re owed. They’ll understand the common reasons insurance companies fall through on their obligations and know the tactics they can use to hold them accountable — resulting in fair payouts for the property owner, and for you. 

Better yet? Most attorneys charge on a contingency basis. This means you pay no out-of-pocket costs for their services. They only get paid once a claim is accepted.

Tired of Insurance Companies Cutting Into Your Profits? We Can Help.

Wondering how much money you could actually make if your profits weren’t affected by denied or underpaid insurance claims? Find out with our “How Much Should You Be Making?” calculator. 

Then, if you’re ready to start making those numbers back, give The Lane Law Firm a call. Our attorneys regularly collaborate with roofing contractors to ensure they’re paid what they’re owed, project after project.

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