[Case Study] A Success Story of Stewart Roofing's Collaboration with The Lane Law Firm

Ron Glaser | Jun 4, 2024

For many roofers, dealing with insurance companies can be a challenging maze filled with underpaid claims, denials, and delays. These hurdles affect the bottom line of roofing businesses and compromise the integrity of repairs and replacements, leaving 
homeowners vulnerable to further damage. 

In this case study, we explore how Stewart Roofing Systems, a seasoned player in the roofing industry, leveraged our proven process to overcome challenges and achieve ongoing success. By implementing our insurance dispute solutions, including working with independent adjusters and establishing direct communication with insurance firms, Stewart Roofing Systems continues to thrive in the industry today. 

Meet the Roofer:

With over 21 years of experience, Stewart Roofing Systems has a rich legacy and has earned a strong reputation in the roofing industry. Like any successful business, Stewart Roofing Systems has encountered its fair share of challenges, the most common being unfairly underpaid or denied damaged roof claims by insurance companies. 

Consistently dealing with underpaid insurance claims and occasional denials made Stewart Roofing's everyday processes more challenging, leading to concerns about disappointing their customers.

"My experience with The Lane Law Firm has been nothing short of excellence. They’re very professional and always get results. I highly recommend The Lane Law Firm without reservations" - Kathryn Stewart, owner of Stewart Roofing Systems

The Problem:

Stewart Roofing Systems grappled with a persistent challenge that made their roofers' jobs more difficult and their processes harder to manage – insurance companies unjustly denying or underpaying insurance claims for genuinely damaged roofs. 

This not only jeopardized potential job retention but also strained relationships with customers who relied on Stewart Roofing Systems. Beyond financial implications, these disputes compromised the safety and security standards that Stewart Roofing prioritizes, highlighting the broader impact on their operations and customer trust.

Our Solution:

Our meticulous and strategic approach has been instrumental in addressing this ongoing challenge for Stewart Roofing. We send independent adjusters to thoroughly assess clients' roofs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of any damage. 

Once validated, these assessments provide detailed estimates that form the basis of our negotiations with insurance companies. We take the estimates and engage with insurance companies directly. We demand fair compensation for the necessary repairs, plus our legal fees and associated expenses. 

Our persistence in advocating for Stewart Roofing Systems client's rights has been proven effective, with a clear process in place: if insurers fail to meet our demands within 60 days, we take decisive action by filing a lawsuit, compelling them to fulfill their obligations. This proactive and enduring strategy ensures that Stewart Roofing Systems and its clients are protected and maintain strong relationships with customers and industry partners.

The Results:

The Lane Law Firm’s services have safeguarded Stewart Roofing's profit margins and enhanced its operational efficiency, saving valuable time and effort.

Our experience and strategic solutions enabled Stewart Roofing Systems to focus on its core business of replacing and repairing roofs promptly. This efficiency has not only saved them from potential financial losses but also enhanced their reputation for timely and reliable service, improved their daily operations, and saved them time overall.

The Conclusion:

The Lane Law Firm continues to collaborate with Stewart Roofing Systems to this day, and we cherish the opportunity to support their endeavors and contribute to their success. We’re proud of the trust and confidence their team places in us.

If you're a roofer tired of dealing with underpaid or denied insurance claims, it's time to take action. Let our team at The Lane Law Firm help you reclaim your rightful profits and safeguard your business. Book a free consultation to explore how we can support your goals and ensure fair treatment in insurance disputes.

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