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Our Practice Areas

Providing Legal Solutions for Texas Property & Business Owners

At The Lane Law Firm, we're dedicated to helping fellow Texans get their lives and businesses back up and running. Here are the services we provide to help you do just that.


Business Bankruptcy

Worried bankruptcy may be your only option? Our business bankruptcy attorneys will provide a tailored solution that best fits your needs.

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Business Debt Relief

We are here to help your businesses address and reduce debt. Let our team turn a tough situation around with personalized business debt relief solutions.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Pursued by predatory lenders? We hold debt collectors accountable for illegal collection practices. Let's get your business out from under MCAs.

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Property Insurance Claims

Your home or business insurance exists to cover unexpected damages. If your property insurance claim was denied or underpaid, we are here to represent you.

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Foreclosure Relief

Don't lose your home to foreclosure. From questions about mortgage loans to imminent foreclosure, the attorneys at The Lane Law Firm are here to help.

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Personal Bankruptcy

If debt is affecting your personal finances, bankruptcy may be an option. Our attorneys can provide you with the solution that protects you and your family.

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Trusted Associates

Our Collaborators

At The Lane Law Firm, it's our goal to help as many Texans as possible to resolve their legal concerns. We know we can't do it alone. That's why we collaborate with trusted Texas advisers who can expand on our reach and experience. Realtors representing homeowners in foreclosure, roofers seeking insurance justice for clients, and CPAs working to get small businesses back on track are all collaborators we're proud to work with. 

Our collaborations with those at the top of their industry help us provide more comprehensive legal services to our fellow Texans. 

Who We Are

The Lane Law Firm

The Lane Law Firm is a team of Texas attorneys dedicated to advocating for your needs. Whether you're navigating complex business debt, struggling with a difficult insurance company, or trying to save your home from foreclosure, we are here to support you. Helping you turn around a tough situation is what we do.

Top Client Reviews

I would say if you're having a problem with a mortgage company, don't wait, contact The Lane Law Firm and let them handle your problem. They'll take care of the issues you might have. Whether it is foreclosure, tax problems with the mortgage company, whatever they case may be, and they'll successfully resolve the issue for you.

- Barry Halley

Extremely knowledgeable, very helpful. I got the impression that dealing with client`s discomfort in dealing with sensitive and sometimes embarrassing situations is foremost in Lane Law's mind. I also got the feeling that integrity was either in their Mission Statement or something that was considered of high importance. Thanks for saving the business.

- Ed

I hired The Lane Law Firm to deal with my bankruptcy. They were very helpful and professional and returned phone calls in a timely manner. I had no issues with the law firm and would recommend them.

- Austin R

The Lane Law Firm brought it to my attention that in getting a home mortgage that sometimes mortgage lenders, banks, make mistakes. I brought in all my mortgage materials...and they found what they believe were eight constitutional errors.

- William Bissell

Steven Schwinger took my call the first time I picked up the phone to call The Lane Law Firm. He was extremely courteous, clearly competent to handle the situation I found myself in, and immediately took the case, stopping the foreclosure the next day. The end result was that I was able to sell my house shortly after he stopped the process, which kept it off my credit report. I highly recommend this law firm.

- Marie

It can be scary to think that you need to reach out to an attorney… but it is even more scary to think that you could lose your home. From the attorneys to the paralegals to the office staff — this firm is knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with… they have formed relationships where we, as the consumer, cannot… and they walk you through it all.

- Cynthia

I was referred to The Lane Law Firm by a trusted associate to represent me in an attempt to short sale my home. I contacted Greg Tidmore at The Lane Law Firm and within 6 months, we closed on a short sale of the property that had been vacant for 5 years. I highly recommend them and my best advice to anyone out there with a similar situation is DO NOT TRY THIS ALONE! Give these guys a call — they will listen and tell you if they think they can help you. They definitely were able to help me.

- Josh

Stay Informed

The Lane Law Firm Blog

Informative articles and news updates, from our attorneys to you.

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