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    Mar 22, 2022

    Introduction to the Hail eGuide

    If you received one of these in the mail, your neighborhood was recently hit by a pretty intense...

    Mar 15, 2022

    What Are My Options If I Can’t Make My Merchant Cash Advance Payments?

    If your business is unable to make daily or weekly payments to your merchant cash advance, there...

    Mar 8, 2022

    If I Can’t Pay My Merchant Cash Advance Lender, Can They Seize My Bank Account?

    If you're unable to pay your merchant cash advance lender — in other words, if you're in default,...

    Mar 1, 2022

    What Should I Do If My Business Was Denied SBA Aid or a PPP Loan?

    If your business applied for SBA aid or was denied getting a PPP loan, and you no longer can make...

    Feb 22, 2022

    What Is a Merchant Cash Advance?

    If your business has taken a merchant cash advance, in essence, you have sold future receivables —...

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