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5 Home Insurance Decisions you Shouldn’t Make on your Own

Oct 15, 2018 11:27:06 AM / by Victoria Christensen posted in Homeowner's Insurance


When shopping around for insurance, many companies allow you to pick and choose your coverage limits, deductible, and optional coverage. Policyholders can select several parameters and see how these coverage options affect the cost of the policy. But some of these home insurance decisions should be evaluated by a professional.

When it comes to insurance that protects your biggest investment, it’s a good idea to rely on independent professional advice instead of doing it yourself. That doesn’t mean there’s no need for your own research, but there are steps in the process that really need a second look. Here are five home insurance decisions you shouldn’t make without careful research or input from a professional.

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Storm Damage Policies: Don't Get Rocked By A Hurricane

Jun 5, 2018 8:34:00 AM / by Victoria Christensen posted in Homeowner's Insurance


It’s that time of the year

Hurricane season is here to threaten our coastline once again; although, many Texans are still trying to recover from Harvey.

Colorado State University has predicted that we will have "slightly above-average" hurricane activity this season; also citing that the Gulf Coast has a 38 percent chance of being hit again this year.

Since we're in the midst of hurricane season, this is a good time for homeowners to check their insurance policies to see what is covered before a hurricane develops.

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