Fight back and win with The Lane Law Firm!

When it comes to defending the rights of property owners with underpaid insurance claims, we don’t pull any punches.

We’ll fight hard for every dollar you deserve with ZERO out-of-pocket expense!

Have you ever had an insurance claim denied, delayed, or underpaid when you knew it should be paid?

Rather than wasting your valuable time sparring with the insurance company's team of lawyers, giving up and accepting whatever amount is offered, or paying a Public Adjuster 10% of the claim, give The Lane Law Firm a call!

Since 2009, we’ve helped thousands of insureds just like you successfully resolve their underpaid or denied windstorm/hurricane, hail, fire, and theft/vandalism claims. When we’re successful (which is most of the time!), we get paid on top of the claim (not out of it). If we don’t win, we don’t get paid at all, so there’s no risk or out-of-pocket expense to you. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our goal is to make sure that insurance companies live up to their contractual obligations and that policyholders receive the fair treatment they deserve in exchange for their payment of premiums. We understand the true nature of coverage disputes, how insurance companies think and operate, and what tactics they use in trying to minimize and avoid their obligations.

Don't be a victim twice - Fight Back and WIN with The Lane Law Firm!

If you need help fighting your claim, or simply have a question regarding insurance claims, please contact Ron Glaser at 877-408-3328 schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation at a time convenient for you

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No Fee Badge


We are pleased to assist clients with property insurance claims on a contingent fee basis, meaning that if the firm does not obtain a recovery, or if the amount recovered does not exceed the amount of costs and expenses, then the firm is not entitled to any fees.

ZERO out-of-pocket cost to you means ZERO risk. Contact us for more details.

The Lane Law Firm won $16,206,435.64 in a jury verdict against an insurance company over an underpaid/denied apartment claim in Texas.*

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*Attorney's fees and litigation expenses totaled $942.389