Denied or Underpaid Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Has a windstorm, hail, or natural disaster affected the roof on your home or commercial property? No matter the cause, if your roof claim has gone unpaid or underpaid and you still are in need of repairs, you need to take action right away to protect your property and your rights.

If your insurance company is undervaluing, delaying, or refusing to pay your insurance claim as they should, you may need an insurance roof claim lawyer to vigorously advocate on your behalf! If you have received money to pay your claim but your mortgage company refuses to release your money, you need an experienced insurance law firm like The Lane Law Firm.

You don't have to accept a denied roof insurance claim in Texas!

Often, insurance companies will push back on a roof claim saying it is difficult to determine when the damage occurred or that the roof just needs to be repaired and not replaced - putting a Band-aid on the problem rather than fixing it right the first time. Some people don't even realize they have a roof damage claim until a year or two after the storm when their roof starts leaking. We have an interactive storm tracking tool that will confirm if a storm occurred at your property, and when.

Hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail and high winds can cause considerable damage to both residential and commercial roofs and other property. Sometimes, even though property owners did their part by having insurance and paying premiums on time, claims after a storm can still be delayed, undervalued, or even denied.





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We are pleased to assist clients with roof damage insurance claims on a contingent fee basis, meaning that if the firm does not obtain a recovery, or if the amount recovered does not exceed the amount of costs and expenses, then the firm is not entitled to any fees.

ZERO out-of-pocket cost to you means ZERO risk. Contact us for more details.



Our experienced insurance claims attorneys are fully prepared to handle all types of insurance claims such as:

  • Damage from storms: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Wind, Hail, Flood
  • Roof damage and replacement, including missing or damaged shingles
  • Window leakage, wood frame rotting or other damage
  • Siding damage, including missing, damaged or improperly installed planks
  • Foundation damage

If you have a roof claim or any kind of loss related to any of the above areas, or simply have a question related to your claim, call us at 877-408-3328 or schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation at a time convenient for you.  

At The Lane Law Firm, we provide vigorous representation for our clients facing a wide range of insurance claim issues for both residential and commercial properties, all without any out-of-pocket expense. We understand the problems and frustrations that a denied or undervalued insurance claim can cause, and we can strongly advocate on your behalf with the insurance company in order to get the funds to which you are entitled according to your policy.

Don't be a victim twice - fight back with The Lane Law Firm!

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"After Hurricane Ike, my business received a trivial sum above our deductible because the insurance company said the damage to our building was "not that bad." We knew this was wrong because our roof had leaks all over it after the storm. We contacted Mr. Lane, who helped us recover over $1,000,000* more than was originally paid. Mr. Lane and his staff were fantastic!"

- Confidential Client

(*Total settlement was $1,697,877.89. Legal fees and expenses totaled $424,251) 





I just had a dispute with my insurance company resolved and I could not be happier with the results. I was going back and forth with my insurance company about a roof claim. I felt I was not getting denied unfairly, so I was referred to Robert Lane. The process was explained thoroughly so I knew what I was getting myself into. After I filled out my paperwork, the process went smoothly and I received updates when they were available. If you are having issues with getting a claim approved with your insurance company, I highly recommend Robert Lane.

-Confidential Client



"Our home got hit pretty hard by a hail storm - you could see little dents all over our shingles.  Most of our neighbors got new roofs, but our insurance company said ours just needed to be patched up.  Our roofing guy referred us to Ron and The Lane Law Firm.  They fought our insurance company and got us a new roof as well as money to fix items we didn't even realize had damage, all without any money out of pocket!"

- Sandra





"Mr. Lane helped to negotiate a settlement for my claim for my homeowners insurance. The favorable outcome is directly attributed to his efforts. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend he & his firm."

- Anonymous