The Lane Law Firm - Foreclosure Defense and Insurance Claims

E.J. Simonsen | Apr 5, 2022

At The Lane Law Firm, our attorneys have been fighting mortgage companies and insurance companies for nearly ten years in Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, and in Houston, Texas.

The Lane Law Firm’s Practice Areas

Our practice is laser-focused on two main areas representing homeowners and business owners and disputes with their insurance companies over storm and fire damage proceeds, as well as representing homeowners against wrongful foreclosure lawsuits with their mortgage lenders.

The Lane Law Firm’s Values

One of the things that we always try to remember is that we are routinely dealing with somebody's most prized asset, which is their home or their business — and we focus on not just assigning you a case number and a name, but knowing that you are a real person, with a real dispute, for a real piece of property.


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