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Foreclosure Process in Texas

Jan 8, 2020 4:37:00 PM / by Greg Tidmore posted in Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Defense, Short Sales



Falling Behind on Payments

If you miss a few mortgage payments, your mortgage servicer will probably send a letter or two reminding you to get caught up, as well as call you to try to collect the payments. Don’t ignore the phone calls and letters. This is a good opportunity to discuss loss mitigation options and attempt to work out an agreement such as a loan modification, short sale, forbearance, or payment plan so you can avoid foreclosure.

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5 Options You Have When Facing Foreclosure

Apr 3, 2018 1:47:21 PM / by Greg Tidmore posted in Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Foreclosure


1. Do Nothing

While you may be tempted to just walk away, if you ignore the lender and do nothing, you can expect to be foreclosed on in as few as 21 days. Adding insult to the injury, there is no redemption period for mortgage foreclosures in Texas. Once foreclosed on, you will have to move out or you will be evicted with little or no hope of getting it back.

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