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Each month in Texas, nearly 3,000 families face foreclosure for a variety of reasons. Sadly, 85% of them ever never reach out for assistance and end up getting foreclosed on.

The Lane Law Firm is proud to help more homeowners facing foreclosure than any firm in Texas. We are highly successful in stopping and holding off foreclosure while working out a resolution for our clients such as a short sale or a loan modification. However, we can't reach all the families who need our help alone, so we work with Real Estate Agents throughout Texas to extend our reach and help as many homeowners as possible. So whether you're a new agent looking to expand your business or a veteran who knows the value of a listing, we want to "partner" with you to help as many homeowners who face foreclose and never reach out for assistance.

 Saving Families One Property at a Time

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We all know as REALTORS® we're not supposed to give legal advice, so it's good to have someone who has our back like The Lane Law Firm - someone who knows how to speak about the legal aspects. I think [the Lunch & Learn] has been very informative. I would recommend it 100%. You can never learn too much and we need to keep learning every day in our jobs.
-Yulius Wengenroth, REALTOR®